Work with Women

Women’s Empowerment is an important mission of SSAAP. SSAAP concentrates upon teaching women about their civil, domestic and human rights and in the future would like to have a project which would fund workshops for such teachings through providing women with copies of the constitutions for their nations (in both Zambia and Sierra Leone, written in English as well as translated into the local language of the tribe). For those women who are illiterate, which unfortunately is a vast majority of them in the rural areas, parts of the constitution will be read to them and explained during workshops. Donations will also help women in Sierra Leone to become educated and aware concerning the dangers of female genital mutilation (FGM); more than 90% of women in Sierra Leone are circumcised between the ages of 10-20 years, excepting the Krio tribe which does not practice this tradition. FGM is a centerpiece to the problem of disabling women in Africa as large monetary profit is maintained by continuance of the practice.

SSAAP has also recently started a program in Sierra Leone educating women about reproductive health, infection control and other health-related issues. These workshops for women are nominal in cost, approximately $40 for lunch and cold drinks, notebooks, and hand-outs. Workshops will be offered two times per year.

SSAAP’s work with women continues to be one of the most inspiring parts of its program – both in Zambia and in Sierra Leone. We have been fortunate not only to work with a passionate and energetic group of women’s advocates, spiritualists and artisans from Oregon, U.S.A., but also with a very driven seamstress from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in encouraging women to sew and make their own feminine hygiene products by hand. Thanks, ladies: Barb and the We’Moon staff! The impact you have made here is profound. I am also inspired, and so very grateful to be a woman and share in this movement with you, here in Africa!

We'Moon 2017 Dedication: SSAAP

Every year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to an organization bringing positive change to the world and the lives of women. We dedicate this edition of We'Moon to Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural and Arts Program. SSAAP is a humanitarian rights, grassroots-based organization dedicated to equalizing the resources of the world, servicing in the most rural and remote areas of Zambia and Sierra Leone, where the need for education, clean water, health care and women's empowerment are most needed. Our donation will be directed toward ending Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone. According to UNICEF, about 9 out of 10 girls and women in the country have been "circumcised," and SSAAP is working hard to educate young mothers about the dangers of this "initiation." Funds will support health-education workshops for the mothers of young girls who have not yet been cut. Additionally, with its arts initiative, SSAAP works to commission artisans in Zambia and Sierra Leone to paint, bead, sew, batik, carve and draw. We are excitedto offer the work of individual artisan women in our Solstice package deals this year. Stay tuned for the opportunity to make your holiday gift giving even more meaning-full! Learn more at (
Women’s Sewing Workshop, August 17, 2016
25% Community Contribution from the Community required, which aids in the following aspects of the program:
· Providing lunch/food for the meeting
· Providing the venue
· Provide 50 Kwacha (~$5) towards replenishing materials (thread, chitenge fabrics)
· Scraps of old cloth for practicing
SSAAP Provides the following to the Community:
· Knowledge of design
· Education on uses for design to be sewed
· Scissors, needles, thread, chitenges, pins
· Patterns
Sustainability Factor for Project:
· Women trained in late June/early July 2016 will teach more women in future!
· SSAAP will take training to Sierra Leone, West Africa
· Creates enjoyment in women’s lives that helps them in sustaining their work successfully
· Helps them to save money on buying menstrual pads for their families in future



Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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