Water Filter Project

In 2009, my classmates and I started working with SSAAP and began
a pen pal program with a school in Simwatachela. My pen pal told me
in a letter that her life goal is to become nurse. 
“Without education, you are a nothing,” she explained.

Many of the students in Simwatachela explained in their letters how
important education is to them. I had heard the devastating acts about
the world water crisis, but never did I think it would become so close
to me. After finding out that the main water source in Simwatachella
was a simple dug well, often with floating rats in it, I knew as a class
we had to make a difference. It soon became very apparent that although
the residents of Simwatachela highly value education, they were unable
to achieve their goals due to a lack of clean water.  In 2011, I founded
the Stanley BPS Water Project. Our mission is to provide clean water to
those in need while educating students in the United States in philanthropy,
science and the health effects of unsanitary water. By presenting to
businesses in the Denver metro area, we have been able to provide five schools
in Simwatachela with a LifeSaver Jerry Can, giving them clean water. Each of
the filters is chained to a school in Simwatachela in order to encourage more
students to go to school and bring home clean water to their families.
Grace Romer, Student.

In 2009, SSAAP began to work extensively with Stanley British Primary School
(Stanley BPS) in Denver, Colorado. Through talks with the homeroom class, as
well as the Pen Friendship Exchange Program, students were given the opportunity
to explore the culture and everyday lives of their friends across the world.
Through this program, the students at Stanley BPS were given an understanding
of pupils their age across the world.  The students devised a project of
fundraising within their school: conducting bake sales, having a movie night
in which they baby at other people's children, selling soft drinks at a dance
to raise money for water filters which they mailed to SSAAP in Zambia. SSAAP
then distributed six filters in 2012 to rural schools with no access to potable
drinking water: borehole or well water. Below is a short description of these
water filters:
The LIFESAVER LSJC10 Jerrycan 10000 uses patented fail safe technology that
brings you bacteria, fungi, parasite, virus, and cyst free drinking water. Drink
water from ANY source without a second thought. This unit is built like a tank
and can produce enough water to satisfy a small army. You'll never have a shortage
of safe water with the Jerrycan 10000 by your side.


The Lifesaver 10000UF Jerrycan
Filter life of over 2600 gallons
Hand pump requires no electricity and no sucking or
squeezing to obtain pure water
Rugged design can handle any situation
99.99999% reduction of bacteria and 99.999% reduction of
viruses to provide ultra pure, truly safe water from
ANY source.
Filter Type: Semi-Permeable Membrane
Flow Rate: 0.53 gallons per minute
The LIFESAVER Jerrycan carries 18.5 litres of water
(at one time) and allows users to process up to 20,000
litres of clean sterile drinking water.




Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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