Testimonials to SSAAP's Cause


Posted are some comments from supporters of SSAAP, worldwide:


From: Kennedy Munakabayo (Friday, March 8, 2013): 

"Tulikabotu Manigi mpele kumumisig'a manigi,

I am happy to hear that you managed to hold the event, am sure you will raise more in your future events. Let's keep on pushing and pushing we shall make it some day. Success comes to people who are persistent, people who have made up their mind to keep on pressing on no matter the discouragements.

Thank you for thinking about our school, am saying our school because you have given me the courage to carry on with the project.Your inspiration,encouragement and love has given me a dose to succeed, I see life in a different way (You will never know what our friendship has brought to my life).

May God protect you and our friendship forever.

Luyando, Kennedy"


From Krassimira Shapkarova (Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013): [In regards to DU Spring Fundraiser, March 2013]

"Hi Heather,

The event was great, educational and very interesting, with a lot of beautiful and inspiring artwork, so I am definitely thankful for having the opportunity to help out and learn about a wonderful organization while doing it! 

Warm regards,




From Susan Harwood (Monday, March 11, 2013): [In regards to DU Spring Fundraiser, March 2013]

"It was truly disappointing to have missed your SSAAP Spring Event - I can only imagine it was a resounding success! You and your little bond of helpers are making significant (survival) differences for people who are so needy. Your insight, compassion, courage and determination stand at the forefront of a most worthy crusade.

Peace be with you - 




From Vickie Wilson, April 29th, 2013:

"I have supported SSAAP' s mission for several years.  Heather Cumming's work is inspirational and I appreciate being able to not only support SSAAP but also to purchase original African paintings and sculpture.  Such items  are not readily available in Denver and through SSAAP, I am able to support this important work, while enjoying African artistry."

~ Vickie Wilson


From Richard Hill, September 18, 2013:

"Many years ago, I attended a seminar which emphasized one concept that I still remember: the balance between ego and empathy. The premise was that the most successful people in life are equally balanced between ego and empathy. Unfortunately, when we look at our culture, the emphasis on ego is overwhelming and completely out of balance, but thank heavens there are still a significant number of people in our culture with 'the balance'. You are obviously making up for so many Americans who occupy the ego end of the scale. Put another way, there are those with heart and those without, and the older I get, the more I realize that having a heart for others is the only source of real and lasting fulfillment...You are one of the few that walks the walk, rather than talking the talk."

~ Rich Hill


From Linda Woodbury, November 19, 2013:

"We, as a family, are all ready to forgo Christmas presents in order to support all that you are doing. I will be in touch about how much and how often. I will read all your newsletters to all my family. We are not rich by any means, but are so happy to help. It is great to truly know you and know that we can support you in some small way."

~ Linda Woodbury




Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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