SSAAP on Human Rights
SSAAP Promotes the following Basic Human Rights:
  • Peace
  • Empowerment
  • Health 
  • Justice
  • Education
The project, SSAAP, is love-based. It has only ever been cultivated through the starseeds of Love.
The only qualification for successfully working in Africa: one must have a heart.

Out of love births human rights.  Out of love is concern for one another. We are all connected in a
psychic web of specifically-organized energy. There is an intended mastery within our coded DNA that feels pain for someone who is suffering – this is Higher Humanity, versus the animal condition which feels not when another is suffering so long as he himself is absent from pain, that as long as s/he is unaffected s/he does not care about someone else’s hardship.
SSAAP is a human rights-based organization. Out of love is the heart-centered realization that hurting someone else – included within this is depriving someone of his/her basic human rights – is no different than hurting ourselves, our children, our parents, our families. In ciTonga, we say: ‘Tu ya antoomwe’: we are together. Out of love comes women’s empowerment – universally. Women are the candle and deserve a voice just as men have had for the last two millennia.
This is much more than a right; it is an ever-evolving cycle of science, art, and Nature. As the earth continues in its infinite cycle around the sun and orbits ceaselessly upon its axis, we enjoy both day and night, sun and moon. This is the balance we seek now as a Humanity struggling for harmony between the two genders. Out of love this Truth becomes transparent. Out of love comes
strength – not force; the two are separate. Out of love comes Truth – not egocentric truth,
but universal Truth.
Money alone cannot solve problems. Love is the energetic driving energy force, the sekhem it is
termed in Sanskrit, that manifests true, permanent change.
A dear friend asked me once what I would do if our project didn’t have enough money. Would Radiance and I go back to Africa, or would we not, if it was unfunded? I told her we would do the project with money, or without money. We would do the project and we would go back to Africa even if I didn’t know how we would get the resources to do it.
I said this to her because I believe in the people of Africa. I believe in their work, their strength,
their potential. Their resourcefulness and their innate intelligence. And I believe in myself to be
with them. In the end I am convinced that abstractions hold more weight than logistics, than
finely-chiseled plans.  It is within the abstractions that magic can occur; some risk-taking is
required if life is to be worth living. Otherwise we depart unfulfilled. Something was missing if we
didn’t allow ourselves to trust the grey areas, the ‘what-ifs’, the tapestry of uncertainty that is
shining in each and every one of our lives.
Because work alone cannot move the project, and money alone cannot do the work. Yes, the project needs money and yes the project is work, but the essential element – the alchemical ingredient – translates only into the purest, undiluted form of Love.



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