Small Loans for Big Ideas
In 2009, SSAAP was fortunate enough to be the recipient of three goats donated to the
organization. By 2012, they had multiplied to eight. Two of the goats died due to unknown
disease, while the other six were thriving.

SSAAP thus began a small loan program for vulnerable people to begin their own businesses.
The program is open to: women, men, clubs, and groups of people who have an idea of how
to help themselves but have no capital in which to implement it.
In 2012, SSAAP loaned out the six goats and with these six were able to generate twelve
loans to be paid back by January 2014, upon Ms. Cumming's arrival back in Zambia. The
conditions of each loan were two: (1.) each group/individual receiving a loan must write
3 reports per year, stating how the money is being used and what the plan for an
income-generating activity will be, (2.) each group/individual must re-pay his/her loan at the
time of agreement, or the consequences (decided upon by the loanee) will be implemented.
Please review the first report received by SSAAP for a loan given to Kandunya Women's
Club of Sibooli Community, Simwatachela.




Loan Program/ ‘Cikoloto’:
SSAAP has given ten loans to various groups/clubs/individuals (men and women)
 in the Simwatachela chiefdom December 2015/January 2016. Loans are six months
 to one year, interest-free, and provide assistance with the following troubles
 the majority of those living in the rural areas of Africa face:
· Hunger (‘Nzala’)
· Lack of funds to begin a project (building a small shop, sewing and selling items)
· Lack of capital to begin various income-generation activities
· No capital in which to begin a garden to feed their families and/or selling produce as means of income
· Purchase of animals to begin animal-rearing programs (usually goats/sheep/pigs/chickens)
Loans are given in the form of cash or in-kind, using the currency of goats:


Above, a few of the clubs taking loans from SSAAP have used the funds
to begin sunflower farming: profitable for selling and using to generate
sunflower oil. Left - Sullivan: one of the SSAAP goats loaned out for
the loan program. She is currently pregnant, expecting in 2017.
Below, proud recipients of the SSAAP loan program.




Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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