Sierra Leone Women’s Sewing Initiative Program

Women are always disadvantaged in world cultures—specifically in the developing world—simply because the society has failed to acknowledge their resourcefulness and thus limited the longevity of their education. Women in remote African communities tend to have one half the education of men, specifically because they are needed at home to perform domestic duties and are seen as the members of society for whom it is unnecessary to have an education.

In an effort to reorganize thoughts which have oppressed women for years, and to encourage freedom of thought and democratic opportunities for all, SSAAP works with its loyal partner, We’Moon of Wolf Creek, Oregon, USA, to provide sustainable opportunities of employment, creativity, and imagination through art: sewing, weaving, knitting, and embroidering. Local women in Sierra Leone weave as a means of employment either to finish their education, to educate their children, or to continue education after teenage pregnancies.





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