Zambia Women’s Sewing Initiative Program

Women are the knit holding the fabric of every Zambian family together. A household lacking food, clothing, or shelter for its children is the burden the mother of the family faces. She is the beauty and the brains of her nest. Over the years, women have come to SSAAP asking for employment opportunities. Through sewing, knitting or embroidering these women will feed, clothe, shelter or send their children to school.

Through SSAAP’s ongoing partnership with We’Moon of Wolf Creek, Oregon, USA, employing (via short-term contract) women to sew has become a reality rather than a mere dream. Women sew handbags, purses, napkins, placemats, change purses, scarves, hair ties, dolls, and other useful everyday items and are, in turn, provided with an income-generation resource to better the lives of their families.





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