Sierra Leone Herbal Program ($3.00/herb)

In many African languages, the word for “medicine” and “tree” are the same. There is no differentiation between the vegetation of the African bush, its healing components, and traditional African medicine. Plants were once a primary source of all the medicines in the world and they continue to provide mankind with new remedies. Natural products and their derivatives represent more than 50% of all drugs in clinical use in the world. Well-known examples of plant-derived medicines include quinine, morphine, codeine, and aspirin.

All parts of a plant may be used medicinally. However, the active ingredients (chemical compounds) in leaves, roots and bark are often quite different. One part may be extremely toxic while another part quite harmless. For this reason, the whole plant is rarely used together to generate a single medicine.

Through SSAAP’s Herbal Program, partnered with Enable Your Healing from Eugene, Oregon, USA, we work not only to provide opportunities for traditional healers in remote villages of Sierra Leone, but also to learn from them so as to potentially bring new sources of healing back to the American people.

An appointment with a traditional healer in Africa is free. In-kind donations of an open mind and a believing heart are appreciated!





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