Sierra Leone Animal-Rearing Program

Multiplication of livestock: goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks, cattle-even a fish-can change a community for the better in a myriad of ways. An individual or group may use the animals to reproduce, for milk and meat to feed the family, or for school fees to encourage literacy among rural communities. Larger animals such as cattle assist in plowing fields, which promotes surplus farming and even future income-generation. As the staple food in Sierra Leone, fish-rearing and fishery projects are also encouraged for income-generation, nutrition, and to combat starvation. Buying a poor woman, man or community group a single animal could change a Sierra Leonean’s life forever.

Cost of a goat=$40.00 USD

Cost of a sheep=$50.00 USD

Cost of a chicken=$6.00 USD

Cost of a pig=$25.00 USD

Cost of a duck=$4.00 USD

Cost of a fishing boat=$30.00 USD

Cost of a fishing net=$20.00 USD





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