Sierra Leone Secondary School Teenage Mothers Sponsorship Program ($28 USD/year)

Most girls in remote Sierra Leonean villages are mothers by the time they are 14, 15 or 16 years old. The majority of them seem to regret this decision to end school due to teenage pregnancy and have learned the hard way that 95% of the time the boys who have impregnated them are long gone, have finished their own education and are currently nowhere to be found and not supporting their offspring.

In a democratic effort to support women in less-privileged societies in rural Sierra Leone, to create justice through assisting the women who bear the full responsibility of bringing up a child in Africa, and to provide a second chance to young women who have learned a lesson in a bitter way, SSAAP offers teenage mothers annual sponsorships for uniforms, school fees (note: school fees are free for primary-aged students, but not for secondary school or college-level students) and writing materials.





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