Sierra Leone Well-Digging Program ($1,000 USD/well)

West Africa’s most watery country: surrounded by sea water from the Atlantic Ocean, with the highest rainfall of any West African nation and the highest concentration of rivers, Sierra Leone also yields some of the most contaminated drinking water in all of West Africa. Run-off ground water containing pollutants such as goat, chicken and human feces, insecticides from fields, and the decaying matter of dead rodents causes large-scale disease, diarrhea and death among rural households when used as drinking water when no other option for potable water exists.

In an effort to provide clean drinking water for Sierra Leoneans, SSAAP offers its well-digging program to rural communities. SSAAP works with Mr. Sam Amara and Company, a well-known and reputable company to dig wells 15-20 meters into the ground-by hand digging. Denver Rotary’s World Service Club (WSC) has funded 2 future wells in this country.




Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.