Zambia Water Filter Program (in kind donation of water purifiers)

In a school environment whereby clean drinking water is not accessible for the students, most students cease to continue going to school and remain at home—either performing domestic chores (considered “girls’ work”) or animal-rearing (considered “boys’ work”). For this reason, the lack of accessible, potable water in schools has yielded most Simwatachelan women with a grade 4 education status, which equates to an 73% illiteracy rate. Lack of accessible clean water at school leads most Simwatachelan men with a grade 7 education status, which equates to an 45% illiteracy rate.  To encourage students to attend school, SSAAP provides donated water filters (“Lifesaver Jerrican” brand) to rural village schools without access to a water well.

Donations of a water filter, water filter straws, and/or monetary contributions toward a water filter will help to increase the literacy levels in Simwatachela, Zambia.





Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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