Zambia Microloan Program ($22/loan)

Zambia’s Microloan Program utilizes the honesty and motivation of the rural people of Simwatachela. Loans begin with Cycle #1 for 200 kwacha (approximately $22) and if the loan is repaid on time, with an attachment report, a Cycle #2 loan for 400 kwacha (approximately $44) will be considered. Each loan grows exponentially: Zambia’s microloan project assists men, women, women’s clubs, farmers’ groups, and nearly every adult in the chiefdom to begin small income-generation initiatives, such as: bee-keeping, beginning a shop, chicken rearing, goat rearing, bread-making, sewing, produce gardening, ox-cart making, or to feed families or send children to school.

Lista Chakombelezya is SSAAP’s microloan poster woman. Losing both her parents within 6 months of each other to AIDS when Lista was 12, her uncle hanging himself and her auntie also dying, Lista and her siblings were scattered around the village. Lista completed grade 4 and was then sold into early childhood marriage by age 16 to a polygamist who already had 2 wives and 7 children. At age 21, Lista now has a 5 year old son, and an 18 month old son, yet applied for a loan to begin a small business. She is pictured above.




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