Zambia Well-Fixing Program ($50-$150/well)

Africa has the potential to be called a borehole graveyard, as many NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) have, over the years, drilled wells for the local people but have not required any mandatory community participation in sustaining them. SSAAP works with eager communities in the Simwatachela area to repair broken water wells already installed 5-15 years previously through funding sources other than SSAAP.

The local people MUST be involved in both the construction, maintenance and general upkeep of the boreholes, otherwise sustainability remains a risk factor in long term development with successful results. In Simwatachela, the people have formed a Borehole Committee, responsible for maintenance of the borehole water source. The committee also walks from household to household in the village and collects small dues (usually 5,000-10,000 kwachas=$5-7.00 USD) which are accrued into a Borehole Treasury for maintenance of the water wells.





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