Ebola Outreach
The virus known as Ebola has hit hard-hit Sierra Leone, from March 2014 until currently. The virus is destroying food sources (i.e. farmers cannot attend their farms, fishing is restricted) and drinking water is running dry in the nation. 

Ebola Outreach Fund:
This fund, started in December 2014, was designed to help those who have lost significantly due to this virus outbreak in 2014 and have lifelong consequences as a result. Applicants will fill out applications and will be screened based upon on need. Projects under the Ebola Outreach Fund vary individually and range from things like assistance with education, farming, and household needs. 

If you are interested in helping to fund projects under the Ebola Outreach Fund, or volunteering to help with Ebola issues (in the future in Sierra Leone after the virus is under control or a known vaccine is available, or helping from the U.S.A.) please contact SSAAP. If donating to SSAAP's Ebola Outreach Fund, please write: "Ebola Outreach Fund" on the memo line of your check, and specify that yours is a specific gift for the Ebola situation in Sierra Leone


Sunglasses/Eye-wear: Many of the Ebola survivors experience a plethora of eye issues, including a condition called Uveitis. According to OCHA [via Relief Web]: Ebola survivors face a range of acute health challenges, including eye and hearing problems, joint pain, and mental and emotional health problems. Uveitis is an inflammatory condition of the eye that affects 20% to 30% of survivors. Uveitis symptoms can include redness, blurred vision, spots in the visual field, eye pain, headaches and, if left untreated, often leads to permanent visual impairment or blindness. When diagnosed early and treated appropriately, Uveitis is reversible.

  •           A current, simple treatment for Uveitis is sunglasses. 
  •           SSAAP plans to begin a program in 2017 to give Uveitis patients sunglasses in hopes that the simple action of wearing sunglasses could prevent an Ebola-survivor from becoming blind. 
  •           Please see the form to learn more about the Sunglasses/Eye-wear for Ebola Survivors Program, funded by SSAAP's Ebola Outreach Fund.

files/Sunglasses and Eyewear for Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone (1).pdf

Food Relief for Ebola Victims and Survivors

Ebolavirus (EBOV) has affected every aspect of life in Sierra Leone since its onset in March 2014; food shortages due to a lack of farming and therefore a minimal harvest has caused widespread hunger in Sierra Leone in 2014, 2015, and continues to be an issue into 2016 due to the farming cycles of planting/growing/harvesting food.

Under SSAAP’s Relief Food Distribution Program, started in July 2015, food relief for Sierra Leoneans will be available via ABC Food Ministry, through Lifeline Christian Mission (Miamisburg, Ohio; U.S.A.). ABC Food Ministry will donate relief food through SSAAP to assist specifically with the hunger issues of Sierra Leoneans suffering specifically from a lack of food due to farming shortages in 2014/2015 as a direct result of the Ebolavirus (EBOV).

Please refer as well to the form used in the field to distribute food to Sierra Leoneans post-Ebola outbreak: 

files/SSAAP_Relief_Food_Distribution_Program_Form (1).pdf




Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.

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