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Sanitation and Hygeine in Sierra Leone

This is a new program which will begin in March 2014.

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, hygiene and sanitation workshops will be held to sensitize teachers of schools on hand-washing stations provided by SSAAP about basic airborne and waterborne diseases as well as basic information and demonstration on hand-washing essentials. [Please note that Executive Director Heather Cumming is a certified nurse's aide in U.S.A., and has been certified in the state of Colorado in hand-washing basics and essentials.]

For the sanitation and hygiene program, each school will complete a Community Assessment Form and then SSAAP will visit the school. If the school is indeed in need of sanitation and hygiene assistance services, SSAAP will provide a hand-washing station: bucket, little tap inside of bucket, soap and stand and will equip teachers in schools with information to teach the children, via workshops held in Freetown. Each school will then be responsible for upkeep of the hand-washing station and maintenance of the program within their individual school.

Basic Infection Control Education

The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa has caused great concern for healthcare and maintenance of basic health principles here in Sierra Leone. SSAAP's outreach in terms of healthcare is through a small sanitation and hygiene program whereby SSAAP provides a hand-washing station: either locally-made 'Tippy-Tap' or a plastic bucket with a spout for water to run out of plus a bar of soap or powder soap. SSAAP provides hand-washing stations to each school it works with, aiming to help ten schools per year. Additionally, SSAAP hosted a Basic Infection Control workshop on Monday, July 7th, 2014. Ten schools were invited to learn, with two representatives from each school, along with three workshop facilitators. The following topics were addressed
during the workshop:
*       Facts vs. Myths on Hygiene: African Traditionalism, Religion, and
Biology/Science Discussion
*       Hand-washing Basics
*       'Tippy-Tap' Construction: How To Make Your Own Outside of Schools,
Toilets, etc.
*       Cleanliness in Food Preparation
*       Water-borne and Air-borne Diseases and Prevention Of
*       How to Deal with Contaminated Water
*       Large-scale Diseases Spread Through Lack of Hand-washing: The Many
Diseases Preventable Through the Simple Task of Washing Hands
The following schools attended the workshop, located in Fakunya
Chiefdom, Moyamba District:
*       Kentimawa Primary School, Kentimawa
*       Manjendu Primary School, Manjendu
*       Islamic Cultural School, Njagbahun
*       Gbomomo Junior Secondary School, Njagbahun
*       Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, Sembehun
*       Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, Njagbahun
*       Smimbu Primary School, Smimbu
*       Maconteh Primary School, Kpangbama
*       Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, Kpangbama
*       Gbomuma Skills and Vocational Training Center, Njagbahun

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